Double Beds For Sale

A double bed is probably the most common mattress size on the market. Not only are double beds commonly used by single people looking for a great mattress they can stretch out on, they are also a great size for couples sharing a bed together.

What Size is a double bed?

A double bed mattress measures 137 cm x 188 cm.

Very often a double bed is bought by a young couple starting out in life in their first home or apartment. This bed size offers a good solution for a main bedroom that’s on the smaller side, or a second bedroom needing a bed.

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Considerations when choosing the right mattress size for you.
When choosing a mattress, you need to consider your needs. Who will be using the bed? A double bed is good for two people, but if you have the budget and space, you may want to consider a something bigger. Many single people select this size to give them extra space to stretch out in. A larger bed always feels luxurious, and sleepers who toss and turn will appreciate the extra room this bed provides.

A double is a good option for a smaller room that will feel overcrowded when filled with a queen or king bed.

How much does a double bed cost?

Double beds vary in price depending on the brand you choose and the level of comfort you select. Some mattresses incorporate a variety of materials including memory foam, bamboo fabric and latex which can add to the cost of the mattress. Remember, a mattress is an investment – something you sleep on every night – so it’s worth spending a bit more in order to enjoy the best night’s sleep.

Double beds for sale

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