King Beds for Sale

A king bed is the biggest mattress around, offering the ultimate space to stretch out and relax on. Perfect for people who love extra space in their bed, and perhaps those who have to share the bed with beloved household pets. It’s the most comfortable option for two people, and offers a luxurious place to relax at the end of a long day.

How big is a king sized bed?

A king size mattress measures 183 cm x 188 cm. That makes the bed almost as wide as it is long. It’s a great option for couples who need their own space, especially if they toss and turn at night. It’s also great for families who watch TV or movies in bed.

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Considerations when choosing the right mattress size for you.

Think about the size of your bedroom. A king might technically fit in your room, but ideally it needs to fit in comfortably to make the room work. Will you still be able to walk around the bed easily? Will the bed prevent you from opening your cupboard doors fully?

How much does a king sized bed cost?

The price of a King bed varies depending on the brand you choose and the level of comfort you are looking for.

Premium bed brands cost more to buy, but offer a higher level of comfort. Mattresses should last a number of years, so buying a mattress is an investment. Balance quality and price, and consider spending a little more to get the best quality you can afford. We spend a good portion of our day relaxing in bed and sleeping, so you want your mattress to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

King beds for sale

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