Single Beds For Sale

Single Beds may be small, but they certainly are versatile.
They also offer flexibility for couples who prefer to sleep in separate beds in the same room. They can even be pushed together to create a bigger bed, but providing each person with their own mattress, therefore allowing couples with different tastes in comfort to sleep happily side by side.

How wide is a single mattress?

A standard single bed mattress measures 91cm by 188cm. An extra-length single bed measures 200cm long – making it a much better option for taller people.

You’ll find a wide range of bedding for this bed size at just about every homeware store you visit, so you’ll never struggle to find fitted sheets, mattress protectors, duvet covers or blankets in the correct size. And because it is the smallest standard size, you’ll also find the bedding is the most affordable.

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Single beds for children’s rooms

If you’re looking for a bed for a child’s room, you will probably find a smaller bed is perfect for your needs. Children’s single beds are great for smaller bedrooms. They are also ideal for using on bunk beds, with a mattress placed on the top and bottom of the bed.

They are also good for young students moving into small university dorm rooms or shared accommodation, as the bed takes up a small footprint.

Single beds for sale

If you’re looking for a mattress, Mattress Factory stock a wide range of bed mattresses including king, queen and three-quarter sizes. If you’d like to know how much single beds cost, you’ll find all our prices – including unbeatable special offers on our site. Single beds are the most cost effective bed option, providing great value for money.

We have a wide range of brands available on the website including major international brands like Sealy, Restonic, Slumberland and Dunlopillo, as well as house brands, MF Restful and MF Bliss. Visit one of our stores today, or order online for incredibly fast delivery.