Three-Quarter Beds for Sale

A three-quarter bed (also called a ¾) is a great option for teenagers, young adults, and people with space restrictions in their home. Offering more space than a single bed, this size option gives you the space you need to stretch out a bit.

How big are three-quarter beds?

A three-quarter mattress measures 107cm by 188cm. So, although the bed is 16cm wider than a single mattress, it’s not ideal for couples sharing a bed who could do with more space.

Three-quarter mattresses are a good size for students or teens who need more space than a single to get a good night’s sleep.

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Considerations when choosing the right mattress size for you.

When choosing a mattress, you need to consider the size of your room. A three quarter bed or single bed will feel more comfortable in a small room than a bed that stretches wall to wall.

Also consider who will be sharing your bed. While two people can fit on a bed this size, a couple would probably be more comfortable in a double, queen or king bed. Also, consider whether pets and kids will be sharing the bed with you. The more bodies in the bed, the larger your bed should ideally be.

Two of them can also be placed together to make a large bed for couples who prefer having their own mattress. This is a great option for people who sleep next to a restless partner who tends to keep them awake.

How much are three quarter beds?

Three quarter beds are one of the more reasonable mattresses available on the market because they are smaller in size than a double, queen and king but still offer an adult a good night’s sleep. Choose a mattress that suits you, opting for a softer mattress if you’re lighter and choose to sleep on your side, or go for a firmer mattress if you’re heavier and like to sleep on your back. Choosing a mattress with a luxury memory foam layer on top will add to the price of your mattress, but may improve your night’s sleep.

Three quarter beds for sale

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