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Dunlopillo have been making mattresses since 1929 in the United Kingdom. With almost a hundred years of history behind their name, you can be sure that Dunlopillo can be trusted to produce high quality, comfortable mattresses.

Leaders in sleep innovation

The Dunlopillo company began with the invention of a special kind of latex which retained its shape without needing to be flipped or turned. Since the early 30s, Dunlopillo have been innovating, creating and refining their latex products. Their latest product, Talasilver Wave latex eliminates 99.9% bacteria. The Nano Silver technology used to create their mattresses provides the most advanced protection for healthier sleep, allowing enhanced breathability and ventilation in the mattress. The mattresses also feature anti-fungal properties, providing additional health benefits for their customers.


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Enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, the Dunlopillo name is known for its excellent durability, prolonged resilience and extreme tensile strength.

Dunlopillo latex mattresses deliver long lasting performance because they are naturally resilient and will continue to their shape for years to come. Dunlopillo offer a wide range of mattress choices including softer and harder bed options to suit your sleep style.

Dunlopillo latex

Latex is actually one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings. Latex is harvested from rubber trees while the trees are still growing. Rubber tapping is not harmful to the tree and doesn’t require the tree to be cut down, so it’s an environmentally friendly process. Latex rubber trees help to purify over 85 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Dunlopillo beds South Africa

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress in South Africa, consider the Dunlopillo brand. Mattress Factory stock a selection of Dunlopillo mattresses in South Africa. Visit our online store or visit one of our physical stores to shop for Dunlopillo beds along with a wide selection of other international brands.

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