Sealy Beds For Sale

If there’s one name in mattresses that everybody knows, it has to be Sealy. This mattress brand promises a healthier sleep, and in turn a healthier life.

As a leader in the science of sleep, Sealy’s extensive research and development have helped them to create beds that combine the best in health and comfort.

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Engineered to support

By investing time into ongoing research, they have managed to engineer support your body and align your spine as you sleep peacefully.

Sealy offers pressure relieving comfort which helps you sleep undisturbed. Their beds are made to last, and their integrated system maintains the same level of comfort and support for many years. This makes a Sealy bed an investment which pays off every single night, as you get a great night’s sleep.

The Famous Sealy Posturepedic

The mattress company originally began in Sealy, Texas in 1881. Their special Posturepedic Technology introduced in 1950 turned them into a household name, with everyone associating the brand with quality and comfort.

To create their unique Posturepedic mattresses, they enlisted the help of orthopaedic specialists who helped to target support where you need it.

Their history in South Africa dates back to 1967. All mattresses made in South Africa are produced to the same specifications set down by Sealy USA and their orthopaedic surgeons, ensuring the highest level of quality.

Sealy beds South Africa

If you’re looking excellent quality and a mattress brand that’s stood the test of time, consider a Sealy mattress. Mattress Factory stock a wide selection of beds for sale in South Africa. Visit our online store or visit one of our physical stores to shop a wide selection of international brands, plus, we deliver very quickly, ensuring you’ll soon be getting a good night’s sleep.

How much are Sealy mattresses?

To find prices for the various Sealy beds stocked by Mattress Factory, browse our user-friendly online store or call our physical store.