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If you’re looking for an uninterrupted night’s sleep on a comfortable and supportive mattress, you really should look into owning a Slumberland bed.
Slumberland have taken a look at science of sleep to create a superior bed that is both luxurious and supportive.
As much as a third of your life is spent sleeping in bed, so consider your mattress choice very wisely. This is a brand that can offer relaxation and comfort for many years to come.

Slumberland beds are well known for their comfort, support and absolute luxury.

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Sleep like royalty

The company began in the British town of Oldham over one hundred years ago.

The brand has a reputation for superb quality, and even became the bed of choice of the royal family.

They then came to South Africa in 1967 and quickly established a strong reputation for exceptional luxury and durability.

Many of Slumberland’s bed feature a posture springing system, with more springs than conventional beds, and therefore enhanced comfort and support of the body. Slumberland’s special triangular springs take vertical and horizontal pressure without distortion.

Slumberland beds South Africa

Mattress Factory stock a wide selection of Slumberland mattresses in South Africa. This internationally renowned brand is famous for its excellent quality and durability. Visit our online store or visit one of our physical stores to shop for beds, mattresses and bed sets.

You can also visit a physical store to test out the mattress yourself. We deliver very quickly, ensuring you’ll soon be getting a good night’s sleep.

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