Firm Mattresses For Sale

It’s important that to find a mattress that will provide you with a great night’s sleep. After all, we spend so much of our lives in our beds, we really owe it to ourselves to ensure our mattress provides a comfortable and restful sleep sanctuary.

What is a firm mattress?

A firm mattress is more rigid and stiff than a soft or plush mattress. It doesn’t have as much give as a softer mattress. The level of firmness of a mattress is normally determined by the thickness of the comfort layer on the top of the mattress. This comfort layer is normally composed of materials like polyfoam, memory foam or latex. A thicker comfort layer, filled with soft material, will make the mattress softer.

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Who enjoys a firm mattress?

Firm beds are a popular choice with many different people. Your age, size and sleeping position all affect what kind of mattress you will enjoy.

People who sleep on their backs

If you sleep on your back, you will probably benefit from a firmer sleep surface. People who sleep on their backs need more spinal and lower back support from their mattress to maintain proper spinal alignment. A mattress that’s too soft can leave back sleepers feeling achy and sore.

Tummy sleepers

While some people who sleep on their stomachs prefer a softer mattress, which they will find more comfortable, others find that they sink too deeply into the soft surface and therefore need better support.

Heavier individuals

People who are heavier than average generally prefer a firmer mattress. It can offer them greater support, so that they don’t sink uncomfortably into bed.

People with chronic back pain

If you suffer from back pain, you may prefer a mattress with mid-level firmness. This can help reduce the pain you feel during the night.

Where can I buy a firm mattress?

Mattress Factory stock a wide range of beds in various different comfort levels. You’ll find the best firm mattresses instore and online. Mattress Factory stock international brands including Sealy, Dunlopillow, Restonic and Slumberland. Shop online right now or visit a physical store near you.