Plush Comfort Mattresses

If you’ve been shopping for the perfect mattress, you’ll know it’s not as simple as picking out an option that looks sturdy and comfortable. In order to pick out the ideal bed for a great night’s sleep, you need to know what kind of mattress you prefer.

What is a plush comfort mattress?

The term ‘plush mattress’ is generally used to describe a softer bed that still provides good support. It’s soft and luxurious to lie on, providing extra padding for a weary body. You’ll find that a luxury top is a popular choice for many adults.

An ultra plush mattress would be a very soft, sinkable mattress. Often a sleep top like this would include a later of memory foam which the body can sink into, or very soft pillow tops for extra cushioning.

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Who enjoys a plush comfort mattress?

There are a number of people who will enjoy sleeping on a softer surface, including people who sleep in certain positions, people of a certain weight, and a certain age.

Side sleepers

If you find yourself always sleeping on your side, you might want to consider a plush mattress. A bed that’s too hard can put unnecessary pressure on your hips and joints, so the added padding takes stress and strain off your body.

Tummy sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, with your whole body pushing into the mattress, you’ll probably enjoy a more forgiving surface to sleep on.

Lighter individuals

If you don’t weight a large amount, you may find a firm mattress really hard on your body. A softer mattress is more comfortable, allowing your body to sink in and relax.

Older people

As we age, we begin to ache. Every joint and muscle can feel a little tense, sore or stiff. So a softer mattress, offering more padding, will provide a more comfortable sleeping surface for you.

Where can I find plush top beds?

Mattress Factory stock a wide range of beds in various different comfort levels. You’ll find our luxury plush top mattresses along with medium and firm options online and instore. Mattress Factory stock a range of top international brands including Sealy, Dunlopillow, Restonic and Slumberland. Shop online right now or visit a physical store near you.