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Mattress Factory offers you bedroom hacks to go from bedroom to sanctuary on a tiny budget.

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with Mattress Factory’s Top 5 Bedroom Hacks. Do you know that we spend a third of our lives sleeping?  If the average night’s sleep is eight hours (i.e. one third of a day), one sleeps for one third of one’s life. If you live up to the age 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days! Makes you think doesn’t it?

It therefore makes sense that you would want to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with Mattress Factory’s Top 5 Bedroom Hacks. And it’s not just a matter of self-indulgence. Our bedrooms are the last thing we see at night and the first thing we wake up to each morning.

Mattress Factory’s top 5 tips to help you #RestForLess…

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  1. Light it up and say night baby…

Light is one of the most important external factors that can affect sleep. The “light sensitive” cells in the retina of our eyes are what tell the brain whether it is daytime or night time and sets our sleep patterns accordingly. Lighting is extremely important in creating ambiance in your bedroom.  When choosing bedroom lighting, opt for LED lighting with soft amber brightness.  This kind of lighting is also ideal for bedtime reading.

Consider windows as well.  Invest in light blocking curtains in neutral tones.  These not only block light and provide privacy, but really are an important part of creating that calm look and feel of your bedroom space.

  1. Promote #RestForLess with bedroom scents

Research suggests that there are certain scents, derived from the essential oils of plants, that may be particularly effective for reducing stress and anxiety.  The best ones to help ease your mood, promote relaxation and sleep are Lavender, Chamomile, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose and Sandalwood.

These are available as pillow mist or can be used  in a diffuser.  Try out a few to find your match and keep on hand for when you’re having one of those days.

  1. #FindYourMatch with a good mattress

There’s nothing like sinking into the comfort of your bed at the end of a long day.  Having the ideal mattress can make the difference between a good night sleep and restlessness.  But how do you choose the right mattress for your body type?

Not all beds are created equal and having a back problem doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a firm mattress, you may find that a medium to firm mattress is what feels good to your body.

We at Mattress Factory, offer all customer a Rest Test, designed to give customer an opportunity to test drive each bed for comfort.  Don’t just sit on the bed but lie on it feel how your entire body feels whilst you are on the bed.

  1. #Keep It Tidy and create the illusion of space

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Bedroom clutter has been proven to sap energy and disrupt sleep patterns.  Clutter signals to the brain that there is a list of incomplete to do lists and work-related stressors.

2-in-1 dual purpose furniture is the perfect space saver solution.  Look at getting storage bases that double up as a bed base and storage compartment.  Mattress Factory offers a range of storage bases with easy to lift storage compartments or additional storage drawers.  These make the storage and access to those extra winter blankets a breeze.

  1. Go Fresh with some plants

Research has shown that adding plotted plants in your space helps to improve mood and helps with blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and generally increasing our satisfaction. So, once you’ve done the basic reorganizing and rearranging of your room, consider a place for some green.

Your bedroom should always be a place of calm, never stress. And while redecorating and reorganizing can take some time, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. If you’ve been feeling frustrated with your sleep space or have just been stressed lately consider these easy DIY tips to create your bedroom sanctuary, it can make a huge difference to your quality of life. 😊

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