Storage Bases


Maximise your bedroom space with a bed base that offers extra drawers or under-storage space. Create comfortable spaces for both sleep and play! Both the Gaslift and 4 Drawer storage bases offer the perfect space saver solution to solve all your #StorageSpace needs.

Most bedrooms could do with more space. Even if you have a large wardrobe or cupboard area for all your clothes and shoes, you could probably still do with the extra space for stashing winter essentials, extra blankets, duvets, and linen. Our clever range is designed to help you make use of wasted space in your bedroom – the area below your mattress – to provide an ingenious storage solution.

Gaslift storage bases
The versatile Gaslift storage base offers effortless and easy-to-lift access to much needed space beneath the mattress.

Four Drawer storage base
This base offers easy access to large capacity drawers for that much needed extra space for those winter blankets and extra linen. A storage base is particularly useful for storing seasonal items in your bedroom. Perhaps you have a thick winter quilt or an electric blanket that you only use during winter. The rest of the year, it’s helpful to have a place to safely and easily store these items. You can also use the extra space to store seasonal clothing – extra shoes that you don’t often wear, winter boots, rain gear, gumboots or a winter coats and jackets.

Where can I buy storage bases?
If you need extra storage beneath your bed, you’ve come to the right place. The Mattress Factory offer a range of under-bed storage solutions. You can buy online and have your order shipped straight to your door.